Arirang Instant noodle

AKP Commercial Photographer help Arirang to make Indonesia hotter

Indonesia is getting hotter than before. Albert Kurniawan Photography is one of the cause that make this things happen. AKP has helped Arirang to make Indonesia getting hotter. Arirang is the newest hot spicy noodle has just launched. The most brutal hottest noodle in town has just make the temperature rising. The New packaging shoot for Arirang is aimed to show the level of spiciness is rising from the existing brand in the market. The packaging design somehow is look so calm and not dramatically showing the spiciness, however the photo show the spicy noodle is ready to make your head sweat. Try it and you will be believed.


The second variants that was launched together with the Hot version is the normal tasty one. The packaging shoot for this variant is showing modest look and not spicy at all. Arirang is giving pleasure to all customer who do not like to have such a fire hot spicy noodle in this variant. The concept of showing the baked chicken with roll egg and mushroom was designed to please the eyes of consumer.

The non spicy soupy version is coming from this one. It has white soup beef noodle taste. The designed for this packaging is showing a Korean girl dancing in Korean Costume. AKP is one stop solution for your Commercial food photographer. See other packaging shoot that AKP did

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