Architecture Photographer Jakarta

Architecture and Landscape photographer for Omah Sendok, a garden restaurant at Senopati

Never before I shoot a historic house convert into a restaurant in Jakarta. This omah sendok restaurant in senopati was amazed me. the place is huge and has a garden with swimming pool. I got the job for creating food stunning for the new menu book. Restaurant just faced 2nd lift up after renovation. The management want to do brand shaken up and revitalise the whole dining experience. I shoot this for my fellow agency for restaurant, PID (picture in design).

The food styling job continue to shoot for the architecture and garden for the website.

Shooting Architecture with Plus interior and garden decor

The place was not really decorative as it should, the garden was plain and nothing attractive. I got a challenge to make it attractive as possible for the shoot. It was a hand full job of moving furniture, setting up decor and light up the location. The shoot was taken 2 days cause My team and I only had such a sort period to shoot the whole venue. I prefer to capture the night scene to show beauty of the light as well enhance the place with the blue sky. We create the outdoor feel and mood by adding the wooden sofa under the tree.

The interior was taken day light, since i want to show the calmness in peaceful afternoon. well so much to write about this place, however visit the location would be nicer.