Food photographer for Hospitality Industry

Photography for Hospitality industry needs more than just people and interior but also food. Understanding of what the hotel needs to show is a key to make a stands out food photography. Hotel wants to tell a story for each food shown in photography. Because hotel is not about selling food like a restaurant. Story telling food photography is what they need.

These photos was taken for Gran Melia Jakarta. We shoot lots of food as well interior and people too. We did 20-25 scenes during one day session. 13-16 scenes were usually for food and beverages, 4-6 were interior and 7-10 were people. Well it took more than skill and equipment for the shoot, the whole day session like this need stamina as well.

When we shoot for food we need set of different lighting accessories. 2 lights is not enough to make it beautifully dramatic. So we set a mini studio with bunch of light and bring lots of props.

albert kurniawan
BTS gran melia jakarta

Shoot with Medium format camera, Hasselblad 503CW with Phase One H25.

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